"As you listen to this recording, look for remnants of Otis Redding, James Brown, Solomon Burke, Ray Charles, Percy Mayfield, and many others with whom Frank sang, learned from, or observed and admired; artists that somehow continue to live and breathe in Frank’s gorgeous baritone vocals.

But listen, too, to Frank’s version of It’s A Pleasure To Call You My Friend, or to One Thing Everyday, recognizing that Frank is not merely singing well-written lyrics with a wonderful band, but expressing his beliefs about the importance of caring for one another in this sometimes tumultuous world. And when Frank makes Imagine his very own anthem and declares that he is not the only dreamer, the listener feels the strength of the truth that Frank is squeezing from his heart and his soul through words and music that come from the core of the man Frank Bey is."

Tom Dwyer, Executive Producer
Frank Bey: You’re Going To Miss Me  (expected release-2020)


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First and foremost I wish to thank the Creator for granting me the privilege and guidance to do what I love to do. 


Also, I'd like to thank my fans for their support. I've been blessed to experience the Magic of Spirit for placing into my life all of the people who have enabled me to present this greatest product of my life. 


Without a doubt, Back in Business is the recording I have always wanted to make; and I couldn't have done it without Tom Hambridge and the excellent musicians he assembled. It was SO much fun working with such wonderful people! 


Again, thanks, thank you, and THANKS!  God Bless!

Blues In The Pocket
Steppin' Out