Frank Bey died peacefully at home on June 7, 2020, from effects related to kidney failure; he was 74 years old.


On that same day Frank’s final CD, "All My Dues Are Paid", continued to chart for its 24th consecutive week.


Frank, a deeply spiritual man, believed that the Universe provides what we need and that when he left this plane, he would ascend to a place of peace, justice, love, and humanity.  There is no question that he now resides somewhere in the beyond.


Frank’s association with Sallie Bengtson of Nola Blue Records was the highlight of his final years; he told me that most labels would ignore an old man like him whose health was failing and whose music was unknown by so many.  Yet in Sallie, Frank found an advocate for his life’s work and art.  "Back In Business", Nola Blue’s first release of Frank’s work, garnered a Blues Music Award nomination, and "All My Dues Are Paid" served to introduce Sallie to some of the greatest musicians living on the West Coast.


Aside from losing a dear friend, a mentor, and a favorite singer, I wish Frank were still here so that he would be able to see the feature documentary film that Marie Hinson and I are currently finishing, a film that highlights Frank’s life as an entertainer, a survivor, and a man, one that we hope will inspire viewers in these sometimes dark and turbulent times.  I would love to have seen and heard audiences standing and applauding after seeing our film, me standing next to Frank and watching him take in all of the well-deserved adulation.  But working with Frank for almost five years will have to satisfy me instead.


I will always be grateful for you, Frank, for the music I heard you make, for the stories you told, for the honesty that you shared with me, for your trusting me to become your manager, and for being able to feel the glow of the spotlight that shone on you.  You were a bigger man than anyone might imagine, and all of our lives, especially mine, were enriched by your presence.


Rest in Peace, dear brother, and I hope that we meet again someday, somewhere in that great beyond.    


Peace and Love,   

Tom Dwyer