At age 62 I did a simple blood test, found out that I was a perfect match, and became a living kidney donor for my husband, Robert Jr. Whitall (Big City Rhythm & Blues Magazine’s publisher). I was also willing to do a pair donation if I wasn’t his match; another recipient in need would then receive my kidney and Robert Jr. would receive a compatible kidney from another donor. I spent only a few days in the hospital and recovered within a few weeks.  It’s been over a year since the transplant; I am well and have experienced no complications.

There are over 100,000 people waiting for a kidney!  Only 17,000 transplants were done last year and every day over 20 people die waiting for a kidney. Organ and tissue donation saves lives. Get tested and add the donor heart to your driver’s license.

Save a life – Be a hero!

Shirley Mae Owens (aka Sugar Mae)

Big City Rhythm & Blues Magazine


Frank Bey received a kidney transplant 15 years ago after enduring 5 years of dialysis treatment.  His transplant began to fail about 12 months ago and Frank, once again, needs dialysis three times/week.


Frank needs a new kidney in order for him to live comfortably and to continue to put his wonderfully-inspiring music out into the world.


Our campaign to bring higher visibility to Frank’s life through our film and through his great music enables us to reach out to many fans and friends, some of whom might be able to give Frank the gift of a new kidney.


If you or someone you know would like to donate a living kidney to Frank, please contact me at an address below; I will get back to you promptly to discuss your ideas with you and to provide you with information about the process entailed in donating a kidney. Please note that there is no compensation for such a gift; the satisfaction to the donor comes from realizing that such a donation will have given Frank Bey many more years of good life and all of us more of Frank’s amazing talent. 


Thank you for your consideration.


For more information, please contact Tom Dwyer at:

or send a letter to:

Tom Dwyer

Frank Bey Kidney Campaign

DDLH Productions, Inc.

PO Box 275

Jenkintown, PA   19046